New Work: Ocean Jasper

I've had these incredible Ocean Jasper columns in my toolbox for quite a long time, now. They are riddled with orbs and facinating to work with. Today, I decided to play with my beads, and came up with Ocean Jasper Rondelles, to either side, flanked by Bali Sterling spacers, then two round Ocean Jasper beads, one full of orbs on either side, then the Black Onyx to complete the look. I still have the column mate to it and may make a bracelet to compliment it.

Some designers play in their toolbox to come up with a piece, others  sit down and draw out what they see as a guide to manufacture. I do it both ways and enjoy both immensely. I always buy beads who call out to me, even though I may not have a particular piece in mind for them. They reside in my toolbox until the time is right. 

A note for those who are not familiar with Ocean Jasper:

Ocean Jasper is a rare mineral, mined in only one place in the world, the Mine of Marovato, on the Ambolobozo Peninsula in the the north west corner of Madagascar. Is called Ocean Jasper because the deposits are part of the coastline, and can only be reached by boat, and removed only during low tide.

Heres a great link with exceptional photos.

Ocean Jasper Necklace and Ring Set
                                                                            Private Collection

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